Pure Short Stories

DATE NIGHT - Rose & Ylang Ylang

She hoped she'd wake feeling this happy every morning. It must be the fragrant aroma in the Spanish air that made her think of the flowers he had sent her.

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SPA DAY - Eucalyptus & Lavender

She chose her spot on the plush sofa and closed her eyes.  Thoughts of their time together last summ

She laid down and closed her eyes. Thoughts of their time together last summer in Zihuantanejo brought her solace as she dreamt of him.

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SURVIVAL - Clove, Cedarwood, Orange & Lemon

She didn’t think she could do it and yet here she was at the summit. After climbing Kilimanjaro, the world was literally at her fingertips. Still, all she could think about was how he wouldn’t let her give up on her dream.  

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BREATHE - Peppermint & Eucalyptus

She took a breath as she walked inside. She had been here before but had forgotten how much she missed him until this moment.  

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RELAX - Lavender & Lemon

She had never felt so at ease with her life. Her move to Belize to be with him brought a slower pace. Timing had been ideal to stop and smell the flowers.  

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AWAKEN - Grapefruit & Bergamot

She put on a little make-up but didn’t need much. Her glow was radiant and she felt alive again. She walked through the little Italian town but always seemed to find herself back at the fruit market where she had met him; hoping he would be there waiting for her.  

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NAKED - Patchouli & Orange

 She wasn’t even sure if she had pronounced his name correctly and that made her smile. So too did last night. This impromptu trip to France had turned out to be a trip she wouldn’t soon forget.   

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